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our services; early order, free storage, late invoicing

Ordering early and taking the appropriate amount of time to plan and implement a project immeasurably changes the quality of the final product. Time does not add to your and our burden, it reduces it. Time allows one to consider and implement, as opposed to being caught in a cycle of compromise and stress.

Tight project manufacturing timelines consume large amounts of our labour resources and are behind our business incurring significant costs. We would rather forgo warehousing and financing income, than incur tight manufacturing business costs.

Our “early order, free storage, invoice late” (conditions apply1) program is simple. Give yourself and us more time and in turn greater flexibility. In return we will allow you to store your goods at no cost in our warehouse until your planned execution date. Invoicing and payment will occur as if the goods arrived from the factory moments before you hit the green light on your marketing campaign launch.

1 Only for orders that are sourced directly from a manufacturer, where the value and quantity of items, one or both, are significant and for clients we consider are of stable financial position. This is not a free  warehousing offer. Goods need to be dispatched from our warehouse within a reasonable period in one  batch. Freight costs from our warehouse to our client’s nominated point are additional.

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