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product sourcing

Our life revolves around material acronyms and properties; product research and specifications; decorating and manufacturing; quality assurance and control; customs, freight, insurance and distribution.

Once a product concept is agreed upon, we produce1 and or perform the following tasks:

  1. product research;
  2. detailed product specifications;
  3. artwork2;
  4. organise factories (timetables, instructions, terms and conditions etc);
  5. organise and then quality control pre-production sample(s);
  6. monitoring and supervision of production and factory quality assurance processes;
  7. quality control (includes laboratory testing, if required);
  8. packaging;
  9. customs and freight; and
  10. storage and distribution3 (if required).

All services are included in our price 1,2,3.

Our client, in a supervision and decision making capacity, is aware of and involved at every step and in each process. We aim to be both informative at all stages and transparent in all our dealings.

1./ Only for orders sourced directly from factories.
2./ Artwork included is limited to product logo placement and factory artwork instructions based on logo files provided by the client. Graphic art services other than these are quoted and invoiced separately.
3./ Storage and distribution costs are quoted separately and not included in the product cost.