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Environmental Management

Since our inception we have naturally gravitated to green products, worked to reduce our client’s waste profile and increase product longevity. In short, we have always worked to improve our and our client’s environmental credentials.

We recognise its important for us to do our part. Our shed walls are built from recycled bridge concrete slabs. Not only is it a good use for a material that would otherwise be landfill but it provides significant thermal benefits to the building. Harder to use and coming with greater costs, but worth it. We were the first in our industry in Australia to promote and source products made from stone paper, manufactured from rice husk, recycled PET and Tyvek™.

Being committed to the environment is harder, riskier from a business perspective and less profitable. We recognise and are acutely aware of our environmental social governance obligations and that they go past just complying with regulatory requirements. And more importantly we are committed to environmental honesty, transparency and sincerity.

Our environmental management system and policy;

  1. Recognises and actively moves to slow and offset the effect of global warming;
  2. Reduce landfill;
  3. Promotes recycling and the use of recycled materials;
  4. Reduces energy use and promotes alternative environmental energy sources (solar, wind, hydro etc);
  5. Forbids involvement in the handling of hazardous materials;
  6. Respects our natural environment and biodiversity;
  7. Reduces water use and contamination risks; and
  8. Requires efficient and appropriate use of resources.

We operate under this tenure here and also in all our manufacturing partner sites around the world.