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  • About Us

Our Story

We started out nearly forty years ago as a small back yard screen printing business. Like many small businesses we organically grew based on the back of hard work and good service. After two decades we were a medium sized decoration and promotions business. Much larger but we were without purpose or overriding strategy and we were therefore unable to articulate where we were headed or the reason behind continuing our journey. In 2014 that changed. We looked for the first time at our business model. That sparked a desire to create and have greater purpose in the work we performed. Assisting clients “cut through” with higher quality products, reasonably minimise the costs they incur and operating morally, ethically through effective yet responsible purchasing became both our purpose and goal.

The transition from a passive to an active business partner and client advisor has not been easy. It has required not inconsiderable change to our methodologies, complete re-training of staff, significant investment, along with a mountain of patience, resolve, persistence and determination. To run on the new platform has required us to move to a mature, motivated and experienced work force. Passionate staff who have confidence to operate in the quick moving and bustling entrepreneurial world. Each staff member needed a large range of skills including broad procurement, networking and good account management skills.

We don’t operate a call centre and we are not passive sit at a desk wait for the phone to ring order takers. We are not a good fit for every organisation. We don’t believe in or offer a “one size fits all” service. We are adaptive, deep and “out of the box” thinkers, resourceful, well skilled professionals motivated to make a difference for our clients. We are unaware of any business in our field offering the same services and that, to our knowledge, makes us both different and unique. We offer services not available in the general market. We will pick up, research and then complete procurement other businesses would refuse to contemplate. We are rarely beaten on price. If we are beaten on price we guarantee to rectify our oversight by providing the product at a better price or our better product at the same price. And best of all we pride ourselves on never being beaten on customer responsiveness and service. You have your account managers number and also that of our Directors.

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Key Staff / Our Directors


Director - John Clifford

John is a Chartered Accountant with near 30 years business experience. His early employment was with large multinational and publicly listed corporates. The last 20yrs has been spent operating privately owned medium sized businesses. He has a history of growing businesses by reinventing their operations into leaner more responsive and effective entities. John is skilled in finance, legal, insurance, manufacturing, logistics and operational matters and has a long history and love of overseas procurement. He has a very unusual sense of humour, a direct approach and is very customer focused. He is our operational Director. His strategy for this business is, simply put, to focus on those things that help our customers; what we do to help our customers grow and prosper will in turn help Three Green.


Director - Allan Arthur

Allan has a blended back ground that saw him grow up and later work the family rice farm near Deniliquin. In his early 20’s he gifted his half inheritance in the farm to his brother and established a rural steel supply business. That business grew into a significant operation which Allan sold, other than its smallest division (second hand commercial steel pipe) to One Steel. That unwanted division is now Australia’s largest commercial steel pipe second hand dealer business. Allan is an accomplished pilot of antique aircraft. Has restored and flies at air shows. He owns one of the last kitty-hawk P40’s in existence along with other heritage aircraft. Restoring requires not insignificant patience, precision, diligence and determination, all characteristics Allan has. He is skilled in engineering, logistics, operational matters, build and design.


Sales/Operations Manager - Nicholas Francis

B.Com (Marketing), B.Arts (Media)
After immigrating to Australia from Singapore and a period of study covering double degrees, commerce and arts, Nick took employment with Quick Corporate Australia (QCA), a holistic workplace supplier. His success in QCA saw him headhunted for a sales role in Corporate Express. A requirement of Nick’s dual residency (Australia / Singapore) is that he complete Singaporean national service every year. It’s added an unselfish service and discipline element to his routine that has benefited him in business and life. He is a competent and respected professional with significant direct sourcing and direct factory negotiating experience. Having moved numerous times for his career and family has made him adaptable and flexible. Nick understands sourcing from the front to the back. He has had involvement in every aspect of procurement, sales and account management. He is also a devoted husband, Victorian and dad. He lives, breathes and sweats blood for his clients.


Procurement/Promotions Manager - Sameer Chatterjee

B.Com, Masters Acc
Sameer started his professional life in print. One of the most competitive businesses in Australia and consequently one of the best industries in which “to cut your teeth”. From PMP Print Management he moved to Corporate Express and took up a role in sales / service. Then some time later, another move but this time into a boutique promotions company operating in the staff rewards and incentives industry. We target recruited Sameer at a time when he was industry recognised as the best procurement / project manager in Victoria. To his procurement, project management and sourcing skills Sameer has added graphic art, international logistics, customs and account management during his term with Three Green. An avid dancer and nature lover. Sameer has double degrees in commerce and a Masters in Accounting.