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about us; responsible sourcing / SEDEX

Increasingly, international sourcing is moving away from being solely a negotiation between two parties remote to the consequences it has on lives, the environment, labour, safety and sometimes local and international laws. While not trying to impose western standards onto third world countries we recognise that an ethical principal is an ethical principal regardless of where one is.

We hold true to the following basic principles and take steps to ensure we are not intentionally or unintentionally contributing to a breach of internationally accepted standards on each and every sourcing transaction.

  1. Child labour laws.
  2. Fair and ethical treatment of labour, including reasonable remuneration and conditions.
  3. Workplace health and safety.
  4. Ecological practices.

We have been a member of SEDEX for a number of years. Initially our membership was solely as a supplier, now it is as both a buyer and supplier. SEDEX is a leading, non for profit, platform aimed at easing the burden of continually auditing and certifying supply chain parties. The goal of which is to drive improvements in ethical performance in the supply chain.

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