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about us; our passion

Def’n passion, noun “powerful or compelling emotion”.

We get excited by the same things that you get excited by:

  1. Product outcomes that are remembered and retained. A little more in price is often a lot more in quality. Quality is remember, valued and retained.
  2. Reducing waste. Offer things that are ecologically better and or have a greater perceived value and consequently will be retained longer. There is no future in producing items that are perceived to be; a gift now, “garbage” five seconds later.
  3. Being more ecologically responsible. Nature offers many practical materials; use them when you can. When you use synthetics, endeavour to use less of them or use them less often.
  4. Encourage and foster creative product development. Let’s create art. Let’s create items of beauty. Beauty has impact.
  5. Focusing on quality at all price points. Look for Japanese quality, at a Chinese price.
  6. Identifying and promoting innovation. Invest in finding and trying something new. Invest in making items more practical / useful.
about our passion