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about us; clients and testimonials


Our client base comprises a number of significant, often Australian leading businesses who operate in the commercial, not for profit, government, semi government industry spaces. They include businesses operating in the following industries.

  1. University.
  2. State funded emergency response organisations.
  3. Unions.
  4. National professional member organisations.
  5. Local councils.
  6. Federal government agencies / departments.
  7. State government agencies / departments.
  8. Health.
  9. Insurance.
  10. Superannuation.
  11. Airline.
  12. Manufacturing.
  13. Ports.


“….. after switching to Three Green last year I was amazed at the service, knowledge and helpfulness of their staff. The on-line ordering system effectively freed up my time (almost a weeks worth). The on-line system is simple and easy to use …….”

“….. Tyvek bags. We see the need to reduce waste in all its forms, to recycle or reuse as a shared responsibility, and on that basis we undertook to make a difference ……”

“…. Three Green have surpassed all my expectations in product knowledge, product quality, price, artwork design, innovation, advice on new products and the ability to provide product within extremely tight deadlines ….”

“…. I have found your team to be professional and efficient to deal with ….. prices are competitive ….. turnaround time on quotes always within the promised time frame ….”

“….Three Green has been more than just a supplier …. they work closely with us in sourcing high quality goods at competitive prices ….. proactively work to identify concepts, products and systems which they believe may benefit us …. their goal is not to increase sales, but to ensure the products work effectively …. get as much 'bang for our buck' as possible ….”

“ …. They look fantastic! We are very happy with them. Thank you for all of your help ….”

“…. Multi tools. They look fantastic! …. gift box / packaging is fabulous too. Thanks again ….”

“…. quick thank you to you and your production / delivery team …. ahead of schedule! ….”

“….thank you for the speedy service you provided …. thanks again for your service ….”

“…. just a quick thank you …. for the excellent service & customer service.
Our Director of Rail also said a special thanks for the propeller letter opener you sent for him, he was quite chuffed! ….”

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