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Our Goal
Our goal is to produce ecologically responsible and quality products that encourage and increase brand recognition, prestige and value.
Engaging Product Solutions



innovative and creative

innovative and creative

Chinese proverb “Yi quan fei yinh, bai quan fei sheng”, one dog snarls at a shadow; a hundred howl at it’s bark. There is little gained by following a trend! To stand out from the crowd, one must differentiate one's self. It pays to be innovative and creative!

We endeavour to produce better outcomes by producing, practical yet creative and innovative product outcomes. We do this by investing in creative resources and through product innovation. Our goal is to produce product specifications which have genuine creative, innovative, ecological and quality based elements
product sourcing

product sourcing

Our life revolves around material acronyms and properties; product research and specifications; decorating and manufacturing; quality assurance and control; customs, freight, insurance and distribution. Once a product concept is agreed upon, we produce1 and or perform the following tasks:
  • product research;
  • detailed product specifications;
  • artwork2;
  • organise factories (timetables, instructions, terms and conditions etc);
  • organise and then quality control pre-production sample(s);
  • monitoring and supervision of production and factory quality assurance processes;
  • quality control (includes laboratory testing, if required);
  • packaging;
  • customs and freight; and
  • storage and distribution3 (if required).

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product concepts

product concepts

Materialising and quantifying marketing ideas / messages into product concepts is one of the most rewarding things we get to do. We take a significant amount of care and allocate a large amount of time to selecting items that we present to clients. We do this through our creative resources, drawing on marketing history from other clients, reviewing product data trends and drawing on new product pools. To be selected a product needs to have the following characteristics:
  • genuinely connect with the target audience (preferably verified historically from other parties);
  • meets precisely and completely the marketing objectives;
  • has the best possible ecological and quality credentials;
  • has appropriate innovative and creative merit; and
  • has the most suitable material and manufacturing pedigree given our customer’s price constraints.

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about us; our team


John Clifford B.Com ACA KSJ

A Chartered Accountant with 25 years experience in large multinational corporates along with more recently medium sized private companies. For the past decade John has purchased and built up businesses in a number of industries. Skilled in finance, legal, insurance, manufacturing, logistics and operational matters and with a long history in overseas procurement.

Allan Arthur MBA

Allan has a blended back ground that has seen him spend time in agriculture, steel and commercial pipe sales. Allan is an accomplished pilot who has a history of bringing WWII aircraft back to life through full restorations spaning decades and requiring precision, diligence and determination. He is skilled in engineering, logistics, operational matters, build and design.

Sales Account Mgrs.

Our Sales Account Managers are mature, experienced and seasoned professionals with on average nearly twenty years work experience in the decorating, promotions and product and apparel sourcing industries. Our sales staff pride themselves on bringing a high level of business acumen, motivation, professionalism and commitment to their roles.

Graphic Art / Creative.
We source our graphic art / creative work predominately from two long term contractors on a “when required” and “to meet our clients requirements” basis. We have long standing, proven working relationships with both of these contractors.

Increasingly, businesses are controlling all brand graphical aspects in house and or through long standing relationships with graphic / creative agencies. In these cases, generally, our role becomes one of being a decoration consultant tasked with ensuring the creative aspects are not lost or diluted in the product development process.

Project Mgr

Our Project Managers have extensive practical decoration knowledge along with skills and experience in procurement, logistics, garment manufacturing, printing and foreign and local sourcing, customs, freight and distribution. Their goal is to maximize the dollar value of each item sourced, produce quality pieces with the best available ecological credentials, eliminate product faults and meet deadlines.

Independent External QC Partner

Our quality control partner of choice is a boutique Australian owned and managed china based business operating from bases in the larger Chinese industrial regions. They have the following industry accreditations

  1. ISO9001.
  2. Costco Ethical Supply Chain Verification.
  3. Disney ILS Adherence Assistance.
  4. Walmart Ethical Sourcing Experts.
  5. Nike Social Responsibility Assurance.
  6. Target Global Compliance Experts.
  7. Tesco Ethical Trading Verification.


All QC staff are required to hold and maintain AQSIQ certification.
All senior, supervisor and management staff are required to hold “Social Compliance” appropriate certifications.

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