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our approach;
innovation and creative

Chinese proverb “Yi quan fei yinh, bai quan fei sheng”, one dog snarls at a shadow; a hundred howl at it’s bark. There is little gained by following a trend! To stand out from the crowd, one must differentiate themselves. It pays to be innovative and creative!

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our approach;
product sourcing

Our life revolves around material acronyms and properties; product
research and specifications; decorating and manufacturing; quality assurance and control; customs, freight, insurance and distribution.

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mad science

our approach;
product concepts

Materialising and quantifying marketing ideas / messages into product concepts is one of the most rewarding things we get to do.  We take a significant amount of care and allocate a large amount of time to selecting items that we present to clients.  We do this through our creative resources, drawing on marketing history from other clients, reviewing product data trends and drawing on new product pools.


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